Facing a sex crime charge?
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Me Jean-François Chénard is your lawyer!

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Me Jean-François Chénard is your lawyer for all sex crime accusations

If you are in Montréal, or anywhere else in Quebec and Ontario, and need a lawyer who specializes in the defense of sex crimes, Me Jean-François Chénard is your go-to. Finding adequate legal aid when it comes to sex crimes is no simple task.

Me Jean-François Chénard is a lawyer who can offer quality legal services while being aware of the fact that an accusation does not mean guilt.

Based on the presumption of innocence and giving you the benefit of the doubt, he is dedicated to listening to you and representing you in English or French. 

"Here, we believe you."

Our team

Me Jean-François Chénard

Criminal defense lawyer for more than 10 years, he began his career in a reputable office of criminalists in Longueuil which has produced several judges. He advanced his career by building expertise primarily in matters of sex crimes, sexual assault, and driving while intoxicated (including drunk driving). Over the years, his defense has resulted in the acquittal of many clients accused of these types of crimes. 

He also contributes to the French language TV program "Histoires en cour", broadcast on TVA and teaches law at the Collège Privé O’Sullivan in Montreal.

Me Patrick-Claude Caron

Lawyer since 1996 specializing in immigration law, administrative law, and fiscal law.

Me Lu-Loan Khuong

Lawyer since 1998 specializing in business law and immigration law.