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For all charges of fraud or any other economic crime, call upon the lawyer who will handle your case whether you are in Montreal, or anywhere in Quebec or in Ontario.

Economic crimes come in many forms, including fraud, theft, false tax returns, credit card offenses and more. It is therefore important to have a qualified lawyer by your side to aid and defend you with dignity, as such accusations can have serious consequences, including imprisonment.

The role of your lawyer is to listen to you, to analyze the situation, and to assert your rights in order to avoid a conviction or a prison sentence, or to minimize the amount of the fines awarded. Being perfectly bilingual, he can prepare you prior to your court appearance. For all of these reasons, dealing with a competent and experienced lawyer will ensure confidence in the process, and may possibly save you from life-changing repercussions.

Me Jean-François Chénard is the go-to for financial fraud accusation cases in Montréal and in your region. 

Wondering what to do when facing a fraud accusation? Contact a lawyer serving your community and all throughout Québec and Ontario.

Me Jean-François Chénard has numerous areas of expertise which permit him to be a formidable ally in any accusations of fraud or other economic crimes. Whatever the nature of the accusation; document forgery, omission of information, identity theft, or tax offenses, your lawyer is responsible for defending you and asserting your rights.

Your choice of a lawyer is all the more important since the consequences of fraud can be serious, potentially changing the course of your life or leading to a prison sentence. Me Jean-François Chénard, along with his collaborators can prepare you to face your trial. They will listen to you and handle each case in a personalized manner. Their expertise and experience position them as a solid force in the judicial field.